Arts and Crafts Using Foil

Arts and Crafts Using Foil

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The material I am featuring is foil. Who knew it could be so versatile? Below are two fun art projects using foil. My two-year-old twins absolutely loved them!

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Foil Collage

A simple art project using foil, glue and other loose materials.


  1. Aluminum Foil
  2. Small piece of cardboard
  3. Tape
  4. Tissue Paper
  5. Foil Confetti
  6. Foam letters
  7. Clear School Glue
  8. Water

I used a 7″ x 7″ piece of cardboard and wrapped it with aluminum foil. I used tape on the back to secure the foil. Mostly because I had a feeling my toddlers would try to unwrap it.

In a small container I watered down clear school glue to make it easier to spread across the surface.

In a muffin pan I placed torn tissue paper, foil confetti and sparkly foam letters. These were the collaging materials.

Arts and Crafts Using Foil

The kids enjoyed painting the glue onto the shiny surface and sticking on pieces of tissue paper.

Arts and Crafts Using Foil

Arts and Crafts Using Foil

Little Buddy especially enjoyed placing the sparkly letters.

Arts and Crafts Using Foil

I was so surprised to see Baby Bear grabbing all of her supplies and dumping them onto the foil surface! She was on a mission to include everything! My two-year-olds definitely enjoyed this art activity using foil!

Arts and Crafts Using Foil

Painting with Balls of Foil

A simple painting activity using foil balls instead of paint brushes.


  1. Aluminum Foil
  2. Paint
  3. Watercolor Paper

I placed different colors of paint in a muffin tin and placed a foil ball inside of each of the cups. The kids picked up the foil balls right away and began to stamp it against the paper, creating a fun textured surface.

Arts and Crafts Using Foil

Baby Bear experimented with scraping the foil against the paper. This created scratches on the paper.

Arts and Crafts Using Foil

Arts and Crafts Using Foil

Arts and Crafts Using Foil

There are so many different ways to use foil in arts in crafts! Check out the links below for some other ideas. Also, if you have your own foil crafts link up below!

Other Fun Art and Craft Projects Using Foil

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  • Kathy Buckner

    I’m a teacher for the visually impaired, and several of these ideas would be great for little ones who are blind or have low-vision visual impairments! Thanks, going to remember these!

  • Katie @ Happily Ever Mom

    Love all the great ways to use aluminum foil – we will definitely be using some of these ideas in our home!

  • Emma Craig

    I love collages but I never thought to try it on shiny foil. Great idea!

  • Heather @ Crayon Box Chronicle

    I love the foil ball painting. So fun! Thanks for sharing. Pinned.

  • Ang Johnson

    Foil is such a fun material for kids to work with! Love it! Pinned for later!