Homemade Paint Recipe – Edible Kool-Aid Paints

Homemade Paint Recipe - Edible Kool-Aid Paint

I love making homemade paint for my kids! Not only do they love exploring different kinds of paint but it is often very convenient to whip up your own paints with ingredients you have in your kitchen! Also, when your paint is homemade you know exactly what is inside because you were the one to make it! Kool-Aid paints are simple and easy to make and also edible! I wouldn’t suggest spoon feeding the paint to your baby (or child) because I’m sure it containers a ton of sugar, but if your tots decides they want to give it a taste, hey why not? It is made from ingredients from your kitchen!

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How to Make Kool-Aid Paint

This is a quick and simple recipe for paint. It only takes a couple of minutes to put together! Pour the content of each Kool-Aid packet into separate containers. Add 1 tbsp of water, and 2 tsp of flour to each container. Mix well. That’s it! Now you have Kool-Aid Paint!

I set the paint up in a row for them to share between two cookie sheets. Each cookie sheet had a piece of paint paper taped down and two paint brushes available. Of course I dressed my kids in clothes that I didn’t care about getting messy. I also went into this activity expecting for them to need a bath afterwards. Maybe someday they’ll learn to be less messy with paint but at the young age of two I think it’s unavoidable.

Edible Kool-Aid Paint set up

How They Played

Things got going quickly! They dug right into the paints. Of course they began mixing the colors. I don’t think it’s something you can avoid with toddlers. One way to help the paint from getting muddy would be to use colors that mix well together. For example you could use Lemon Kool-Aid, Orange Kool-Aid and Cherry Kool-Aid. It wouldn’t matter if these three colors mixed together because they’d blend well together.

Of course I didn’t think of this until after I made our paints. Oh well!

painting with Edible Kool-Aid Paint

They quickly filled their pages and I had to switch out for new pieces of paper. This time I didn’t tape them down. They were whipping out paintings in a matter of seconds so the tape would be a major waste of time. Eventually, my son, SD, began painting on his sister’s painting. She didn’t seem to mind collaborating with him.

painting with Edible Kool-Aid Paint

I’m sure they noticed the scent of the paint while they were painting but they never stopped to get a good wiff of them. So I decided to show them that they smelled yummy. They didn’t care too much as you can see in the picture below, they just wanted to paint!

When he was done smelling the paint, SD tried turning over the container to drop paint onto the paper but it was too thick.

Exploring Edible Kool-Aid Paint

Soon after he stuck his fingers into the paint. He found this very amusing as you can see. I was impressed when he bent down and began using his fingers to paint. And he didn’t just smear it around, he lifting his arm up and down creating dots on the paper!

Exploring Edible Kool-Aid Paint

Meanwhile, SN, was busy whipping out painting after painting. I was impressed to see her using one hand to hold the paper still and one hand to paint. She was very proud of her work as you can see, lifting it up to get a better view of her masterpiece.

painting with Edible Kool-Aid Paint

My tots really enjoyed themselves during this activity. Not to mention they made about ten different paintings and they smell delicious! Try this homemade paint recipe and let me know how your kids liked it! Also, make sure to check out our other Homemade Paint Recipes!

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  • Jackie Currie

    Love this! The colours, the sensory aspect, and I really like the idea of taping their paper to a baking sheet. I’ve never thought of that. The shot of her admiring her work is just precious.

    • SowSproutPlay

      Thank you! She has just recently started lifting her paper to admire her work almost every time she colors or paints something. It’s so cute!

  • TheMultitaskingMummy

    Looks like they had a great time. Pardon my ignorance, but what is Kool Aid?

    • SowSproutPlay

      Kool-Aid is a sugary fruit flavored drink. 😀

      • Rizzy Lynn

        well its sour if you dont add sugar…lol!!

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    I’m thinking of making these for my nephew for Christmas. Do you know what their shelf life is like?

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  • Mandi Wilson

    it is a great activity, just watch out if your child has an eczema on the hands. It irritates if in contact.

  • Karen Louser

    I love this idea and I’m going to use it with my infant room!! Does the paint need to be refrigerated when not in use?