Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

Everyone loves the smell of hot cocoa during the snow. Okay, we live in Southern California so I have to admit it was definitely nowhere near snowing while we did this activity. But I can dream, can’t I? During our sixty weather (which is actually kind of on the colder side for us!) I thought it would be a fantastic idea to add some hot cocoa mix to some cloud dough! What is cloud dough you ask?

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Cloud dough is a mixture of 4 cups All-Purpose Flour and 1 cup Canola Oil. I often see people use baby oil but I have only ever used Canola Oil. This can serve two purposes. First off if you use Canola Oil the cloud dough becomes safe for babies and toddlers to taste. Which is always a plus when you’ve got little ones crawling around! The second benefit of using Canola Oil instead of baby oil is that it doesn’t give off a scent. Therefore, you can add whatever scent you’d like to your cloud dough! This time we decided to use two packets of hot cocoa mix to give it a yummy smell and a chocolatey color.

Okay, well that explains what cloud dough is, now let’s get into what you do with cloud dough! Better yet, I’ll let my kids show you!

Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

I set up this activities with small containers and spoons. Nothing too fancy!

If you pack cloud dough into a container and flip it over the  dough stay in the shape of the container. This is perfect if you want to build a castle!

Playing with Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

Little Bear (2 y.o.) Would rather put it back into the container though. She was quite excited to see that it fit!

Playing with Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

Next she decided to pull it out with her fingers. By the way, I didn’t bother putting my kids in messy clothes for this activity. The cloud dough can be brushed off easily. We played with the Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough outside on a water proof blanket (with the plastic side up) for easy clean up. You could easily spread the blanket out on the kitchen floor and have the same experience.

Playing with Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

Little Buddy (also 2 y.o) really enjoyed this ball of cloud dough that I rolled for him.

Playing with Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

Remember the ball? It was quickly crumbled up and put into a bowl. This stuff is so versatile!

Playing with Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

Both kids loved using the spoons to scoop up pieces of the cloud dough and place it into various containers.

Playing with Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

Little Buddy spent quite a long time trying to carve into this piece with a spoon.

Playing with Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

Playing with Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough was such a fun experience for my little ones! We will be reusing this same cloud dough again and again through the winter. Right now it is still stored in this same container with a lid but it can also be stored in a plastic bag and left in a cabinet for another time!

Playing with Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough

We also made a Christmas Small World Construction Site using the Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough! Check it out below!

Christmas Small World Construction Site

Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough is part of the Winter Wonder Series. Make sure to check out other articles in the series including Candy Cane Goo-BleckSnow Play Dough from Ivory Soap, and Christmas Fine Motor Skills Activity.

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  • Emma Craig

    This must have smelled delicious! We haven’t tried cloud dough yet but nothing like cocoa-scent to make me want to :)

    • SowSproutPlay

      Cloud dough is so much fun! You must try it soon!

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