Music Craft for Kids – Making Corn Shakers

Music Craft for Kids - Making Corn Shakers

These Bubble Wrap Print Corn Shakers are a great music craft for kids and was inspired by Paper Corn Thanksgiving Wreath by Real Life, One Day at a Time and Bubble Wrap Painting and Collage by Just for Daisy. I loved the idea of using bubble wrap printing as a way to form corn kernels! And of course I wasn’t going to let these beautiful prints go to waste so corn shakers it was! My kids loved the process of creating these fun little corn shakers and I’m sure your kids will too!

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Set Up

It was raining outside so I decided to do this activity at the kitchen table. I placed a large tarp on the table to prevent paint from getting everywhere. I then rolled out the bubble wrap onto the tarp and trimmed it. Since I knew my two-year-olds would want to pick up the bubble wrap I decided to tape down all of the edges with masking tape. Then it was ready!

Making Bubble Wrap Prints

I sat my twin two-year-olds down in their high chairs and squirted red and yellow acrylic paint onto the bubble wrap. They went right at it with their paint brushes (at first).

Bubble Wrap Printing

I already figured that they’d touch the bubble wrap and I am glad that they did! It gave them a fun sensory experience and also helped spread the paint around for the bubble wrap prints!

Bubble Wrap Printing

 I have seen other bubble wrap painting where the bubble wrap is stamped onto the paper instead of vice versa. I think that this method of stamping the paper onto the bubble wrap is a little easier for this age (they are about to turn two-years-old). They simply had to place the paper on the painted bubble wrap, pat on it with their hands and pull the paper up to view the results! You can see from the image below that they were very excited about it!

Bubble Wrap Printing

Music Craft for Kids – Making the Shakers

Making the shakers is super simple! Empty two Pringles cans (you can decide whether or not to eat them, we took them out and put them in other containers for later). Lay the painted paper down paint side down. Put white school glue on the edges and in the middle of the paper with thin lines of glue. You don’t need a lot! Roll the paper onto the can and hold for a minute so that the paper stays in place. Once the glue is dry you can use a hot glue gun to add googley eyes and a Sharpie permanent marker to draw a smiley face. It’s now ready to be filled with pop corn!

Bubble Wrap Printing - Making Corn Shakers

Fine-Motor Fun

I set up cookie sheets with a shaker, a container or pop corn kernels and a measuring spoon for each of my kids. Oh boy! Those kernels went flying everywhere! I think that it would have been a better idea to set this up inside of a large sensory bin over a blanket on the floor. The mess they made would’ve been easier to clean up and they wouldn’t have spills quite as many kernels.

Both twins, SD and SN began scooping kernels into the shaker with the measuring spoons. They then poured the kernels out and repeated the process.

Fine Motor - Making Corn Shakers

My daughter, SN, quickly decided that it was much easier to put the kernels in with just her hands. Because my kids are still very young they did not understand the concept of getting the kernels into the container in order to make a shaker. I knew that this would be the case so I decided to let them “help” even though they were just having a fun fine-motor experience.

Fine Motor - Making Corn Shakers

Once they decided that they were done, I put a few corn kernels inside and put the lid on. They weren’t very fond of this idea and tried to take the lid off. It’s okay! Eventually they will learn to appreciate their shakers. I think that I will bring out this music craft during music time to get them used to the idea!

Fine Motor - Making Corn Shakers

Want to find out what we did with the left over painted bubble wrap? We didn’t just let it go to waste! Click the image below.

Fall Craft - Corn Sun Catchers

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  • Oh what a great idea. My youngest is a sensory seeker who needs help with his fine motor skills so this is just perfect for him.

    • SowSproutPlay

      Sounds like this would be perfect for him! Mine has so much fun, especially while painting the bubble wrap! 😀

  • That is a really cute idea, very clever and creative. The corn shakers came out great! Thanks for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday.

    • SowSproutPlay

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it! And thank you for the opportunity to share!

  • Pleasantest_Thing

    The shakers are adorable! Such a fun activity – we’re going to have to give it a try!

    • SowSproutPlay

      Thank you! Let me know how it turns out!

  • Heather @ Crayon Box Chronicle

    Very cute, simple, and clever! I love to sound corn kernels make too! Thank you for sharing on our page today! Pinned!

    • SowSproutPlay

      I love the simple things! It’s nice because the corn hits the aluminum bottom of the Pringles can and makes a great sound! Thank you for pinning!

  • JDaniel4’s Mom

    These are super cute! What fun they would be to shake while dancing to Turkey in the Straw!

    • SowSproutPlay

      Thanks! I’m going to have to look up that song!

  • Charlotte

    Such a cute idea! Love it 🙂 x

    • SowSproutPlay

      Thank you Charlotte!