Sensory Play – Rainbow Sensory Bin & Color Sort

Sensory Play - Rainbow Sensory Bin & Color Sort

Sensory play is so much fun for babies and toddlers! I know my kids go nuts when they see that I’ve set up a new sensory bin, or sensory table for them. Some other sensory bins and tables we have created are Alphabet Apple Picking Sensory Table, Trick-or-Treat Halloween Small World, and Glowing Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin.

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This list of supplies is a suggestion of what to put inside of the rainbow sensory bin. I used all of the colorful items that I had hanging around the house and you can too. It’s always nice when you don’t have to go out of your way to buy something in order to enjoy an activity!

NOTE: If you are wanting to make this appropriate for a baby, simply choose larger items that they can not choke on.

Supplies We Used:

  1. Colored wooden beads
  2. Colored buttons
  3. Colored alphabet buttons
  4. Cookie Cuters
  5. Colored feathers
  6. Caps from squeeze pouches
  7. Pom poms in various colors
  8. Colorful puzzle pieces
  9. Plastic shapes
  10. Cut up pipe cleaners
  11. Magnetic letters
  12. Large shallow storage bin
  13. Containers of various colors

Set Up

Set up was easy. I basically raided my crafting cabinet for all colorful items and poured them into the sensory bin. I added a few toys as well. I searched for colored containers around the house. I was unable to find purple, yellow, and red containers so I took some construction paper and taped it to some clear ones. I lined them up and set out the sensory bin and they were ready for some fun sensory play!

sensory play set up

How They Played

They had been waiting all day to play with this sensory bin. They were so excited when I first opened it up. I let them explore the materials a bit before I introduced them to the color sorting. SD (23-months-old) was particularly excited about the “balls” (pom poms) and SN (also 23-months-old) was excited about the colorful wooden beads and the heart shaped cookie cuter.

sensory play in the rainbow sensory bin

They enjoyed picking through the colorful mess to find items that they liked to look at.

sensory play in the rainbow sensory bin

I decided to introduce the color sorting. My son, SD, was surprisingly good at sorting the items! He would pick up a piece, examine it, look along the wall of containers and point excitedly to the matching one. When he successfully placed an item we made a big deal over it clapping our hands and saying “yay!”.

My daughter, SN, is still working on her color sorting skills. She enjoyed looking at the items and sometimes she would successfully place a colored item into the correct container, but she would often throw loads of various colored items into the same one. Eventually I took one specific color, pink, and sat with her, picking through the bin to find items that were pink.

Although they are twins they have developed differently in specific areas. I have noticed that my son has always shown great skill when it comes to matching items.

Color sorting with the rainbow sensory bin

This was a lot of fun for my kiddos and a great color learning experience. Make sure to check back with us soon for more fun activities!

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    This is such a pretty sensory bin! I will have to try it out -my daughter loves rainbows right now.

    • SowSproutPlay

      Thank you! I fell in love with the detailed picture at the top. It really was a lot of fun!

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