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It is so fun to experiment with materials to create new sensory play experiences for my kids! This activity was a fun mix between goo or slime and oobleck (If you don’t know how to make slime or oobleck feel free to check out my previous articles Fluffy Slime and Vanilla Cinnamon Oobleck). This Christmassy sensory experience is so fun to play with and also smells great!

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Set Up

I added 1 cup of corn starch and 1 cup of liquid starch into a large bin. I then poured in 1/2 cup of white school glue. The substances began to clump together and form goo. I microwaved 1 cup of water and placed 2 peppermint tea bags in for about 5 minutes. I then removed the tea bags and added about 10 drops of red food coloring into the glass with the tea. I poured the now red peppermint tea into the bin and mixed it around. The water mostly stayed separate from the goo substance but was now tinted white from the leftover cornstarch. I added some more food coloring along the edges of the bin. I formed the goo into a candy cane shape and dropped a few drops of food coloring onto the “candy cane” and smeared it with my finger to form the stripes. Lastly I sprinkled clear glitter onto the white parts of the candy candy goo.

“Oobleck” formed on the edges of the bin where the colored tea and the corn starch mixed together. Oobleck is a substance that is both a solid and a liquid. While played with quickly it is a solid material and while played with slowly it is a liquid material. To learn more about oobleck see our previous post Vanilla Cinnamon Oobleck.

Because this activity contains liquid starch and glue please make sure to use caution and make sure your children do not ingest any of the goo-bleck.

Sensory Play - Candy Cane Goo-Bleck set up

Sensory Play – How They Played

You’ll be surprised to learn that we played with the Candy Cane Goo-Bleck inside our house! I set up a large tarp on our kitchen floor and placed the bin in the middle of the kitchen. The tarp kept the goo from reaching the floor and everything stayed nice and neat inside of the kitchen!

My two-year-old twins were so excited to play with the Candy Cane Goo-Bleck! Right away they stuck their hands in and began to explore. They love sensory play!

Sensory Play - Candy Cane Goo-Bleck

Both kids enjoyed running their fingers along the edge of the bin feeling the “oobleck” substance that was there.

Sensory Play - Candy Cane Goo-Bleck

SN absolutely loved lifting the goo-bleck over and over again. She would flip it around and stretch it out. She thoroughly explored the capabilities of the goo-bleck and had so much fun in the process!

As they were playing the white goo began to mix with the red oobleck. This made the substance turn pink and also gave it a new slimier texture. Because the kids hands were wet from the red oobleck the slime did not stick to their skin. Although it very easily stuck to their clothes and their hair! Make sure to put your kids in clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty and plan to give your kids a bath when they are done.

Sensory Play - Candy Cane Goo-Bleck

Eventually I took out some holiday cookie cutters just for an added element of fun. At first the kids tried using them at scoops for the goo-bleck but it didn’t quite work. I began pouring some of the goo-bleck into the cutters and they would pick them up.

Sensory Play - Candy Cane Goo-Bleck

When the cookie cutters were lifted the goo-bleck would remain stuck to the edges and it would slowly ooze down.

After awhile my son, SD, got bored and left the room giving me and my daughter, SN, a nice opportunity to play alone together.

Sensory Play - Candy Cane Goo-Bleck

SN and I had a lot of fun! I taught her how to say “goo”. I would hold the goo-bleck up she would grab it and shake it up and down saying “goo! goo! goo!”. You can tell from the images below that she was in love with this stuff!

Sensory Play - Candy Cane Goo-Bleck

SD quickly ran over to us when he heard me say “bubbles”! After the “Goo-Bleck” had been out for an hour or so and had been thoroughly mixed it began to bubble! So fun to see how this sensory material transformed over time! It definitely kept SN entertained!

Sensory Play - Candy Cane Goo-Bleck

Cleaning up this activity was super easy! All I had to do was pick up the Goo-Bleck and store it in a container for later, give the tarp a quick wipe and clean out the bin. It took about ten minutes!

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      I bet he would! It was so much fun!